November 19

You won’t live forever!

Hard men and hard choices. Neil Moralee via Compfight

Every one of us is surrounded by the people who love them a great deal. Those who are ready to do anything for our happiness and satisfaction. But sad to say, most of their deeds to please us aren’t appreciated anymore because we either ignore them or we don’t feel their deeds at all as we got used to them. Even expressing love, we exert no efforts to do it or we save it for a suitable moment that never comes.

You will live once, so if you want something, say. If you want to tell people that you love them, say it. Don’t hesitate. It’s a very simple word. You may not have the chance to do it again. Life is too short. Everything may go in the blink of an eye. So Don’t bite your tongue as if it has been gotten by a cat.

You may not understand this words now since you are still wet behind the ears. But once you grow up and get elder, you will regret every single word of love you wanted to say, but you didn’t. So hold the chance before crying over spilled milk.

November 17


I am gonna talk about morality in Islam and I think that most of the Muslim people in the Arab world have forgotten that the main purpose of Islam is to have good morals.In the Noble Quran, Allah describes Prophet Muhammad saying (what means): “And indeed, you are of a great moral character.” .And our prophet Muhammad ( may Allah exalt his mention ) has said “I was sent to complete the best ethics”.The Prophet’s high standard of manners made him a model for all Muslims to follow. The Prophet used to emphasize how important good manners are for Muslims. He ( may Allah exalt his mention ) has said:” The best of  you is the best among you in conduct.”.Someone once asked the Prophet what deed would lead a man to paradise, and he ( may Allah exalt his mention ) answered:”Piety and good conduct”.He even clarified that people will be on different levels in paradise based on their good manners saying”The dearest and nearest among you to me on the day of resurrection will be the one who is the best in conduct…”.The greatness of good morality shows in this Hadith”Nothing will be heavier on the day of resurrection in the scale of the believer than good manners, Allah hates one who utters foul or coarse language”.Islam goes as far as guiding us on the treatment of animals. Prophet Muhammad said”Fear Allah when you treat the animals:take care of them, keep them in good health whether you ride on them or are raising them for their meat”.So, if the situation is like that, in what we are thinking when we treat each other badly?!.So we must dispel the idea of being a good Muslim by praying and fasting without taking morals and ethics into consideration,you may do this and on the day of judgement you will not enter the paradise because your manners were bad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  So be a good Muslim and have good manners.

October 26

enjoy your life

Life is short ” the first two verses are quoted by Paul Graham”

As every one knows

To live is to die ” this verse is quoted by palle Oswald”

Enjoy as you can

Not every day is a good day

Live anyway

Struggle as you can

barriers will pass

success is not hard

Stop saying I can’t

It’s the time to stand

Forget the past

Every day is a fresh start

OK I’ll do it on another day

Live today as the last day

Raise your voice and say

I’m ready to the game

Listen to your heart

do what you love

Success will have no choice

Only follow you

October 22

Save the child!

16 Timbó Fabrizio Neitzke via Compfight

Every day passes, our life changes. We get elder. Our faces are getting more and more pale. our smiles disappear gradually. We start to adopt daily boring routines, meet cold people, do the same monotonous things, act as we adore what we do though we don’t and then we say:”THIS IS THE LIFE OF ADULTS”. Do you believe yourself?! Do you think that you have a life?! Even if you had, would you think it’s a real one?! I don’t think so. You are just doing your part in life theater.

The true meaning of life has gone since you lost your childhood. Your soul has been imprisoned beyond the barriers of life. Your freedom has been restricted. Even your imagination has been limited. Nothing has remained except one thing; it’s the gentle sound coming from your heart. Such sound wants you to free your dreams and find your lost soul and the last part of your humanity.

Wake up the child who lives inside you! It’s your last chance to live the life you admire; the life of childhood, the life of innocence and the life of beauty. Do whatever he requests you to do. Get rid of the fake life in which adults are acting. Be sure that this inner sound is the right one. It wants nothing from you but delivering one single message; “save the child inside!” will you?!

October 20

Town of demons

We actually have demons that command us every year to do some weird things. And every one has to obey and do that thing individually and secretly at the same time. No one should ever see you doing it or even know that you did that thing. No one should speak about it or bring a hint about what demons have command us to do. Everyone should know that thing by himself. He shouldn’t ask and no one should tell. In the end of an every moon year, it becomes clear to all what demons did actually wanted us to do. By then, it’s too late for anyone that got it wrong. He will be punished. And the most scary part about that, no one till now know what exactly those punishments are. No one of those who have been punished ever talked about it. And people are scary just to even ask.

I want to leave here, but I can’t. It’s against the rules. Who put those rules? Is it the demons? Or the people who are scared of the demons? I never knew. Frankly, that doesn’t matter, as long as I am not leaving, I have to obey the rules.

This year is different, I can’t do what the demons command me, not because I don’t want to, but I don’t really know how to do it. The year is about to end, and I didn’t figure out yet what should I do. Am I scared? I don’t know, I really never believed there is a punishment at all. But I’m not taking any chances, so I have to do what the demons command me. I have to find a way. And I can’t ask anyone, can I?

The Dark Forest (encore)Creative Commons License Joan Sorolla via Compfight

October 18


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I truly believe that everything we do and everyone we meet is put in our path for a purpose and nothing ever goes away until it touches us in a certain way.
There are no accidents; we’re all teachers if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.

October 18

Hello colleagues , It`s my honor to be part of my class Venus <3 , My name is Soliman Aamer and this is my first post to introduce my self to you and looking forward to engaging with all people allover the world , It`s my fourth year at Shari`ah and law English section Al-Azhar University and fortunately I`m studying English at AAETC ( Al-Azhar English training center ) , i hope it will have a nice experience here at edublogs with all of you friends

October 16

About me!

Hello everyone!

I’m very pleased to introduce myself to you in my first blog posts. My name is Ahmed Tarek, a junior student in the faculty of shr’iah and law English section, Al Azhar university and a B2 level student in Al Azhar English Training Centre too.

Glad to be engaged in such kind of experience that -isA- will help me improve my writing and communicate with different people around the world by going through the posts of each other.

looking forward to your interactions with my upcoming posts, so keep in touch!