October 26

enjoy your life

Life is short ” the first two verses are quoted by Paul Graham”

As every one knows

To live is to die ” this verse is quoted by palle Oswald”

Enjoy as you can

Not every day is a good day

Live anyway

Struggle as you can

barriers will pass

success is not hard

Stop saying I can’t

It’s the time to stand

Forget the past

Every day is a fresh start

OK I’ll do it on another day

Live today as the last day

Raise your voice and say

I’m ready to the game

Listen to your heart

do what you love

Success will have no choice

Only follow you

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5 thoughts on “enjoy your life

  1. beckcam

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    I wonder why you would write about that

    I really like how you added that cup at the top

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  2. Amirah

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  3. scofiabi

    I like that you put who it is by.
    I wish you could put if you took the picture or if you got it from somewhere else.
    I wonder if you got that from a book.
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